• Training & Awareness

    People without the proper guidance, education, training and support can do enormous damage to systems, information and reputation – whether they intend to or not. SRM has extensive experience in running a wide range of engagements from stand-alone awareness sessions to multi-channel internal communications campaigns.

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  • Smart Security, Smart Compliance.

    The SRM method of working with a client is to provide the proposed services efficiently, effectively and expediently within a known cost basis, based on clearly defined boundaries. It is an overriding principle that Compliance does not necessarily mean an acceptable level of security has been reached. Reaching an acceptable level of security should always mean Compliance has been achieved. Smart Consultancy achieves Smart Compliance.

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  • Compliance & Beyond

    Organisations have a requirement to comply with multiple regulatory information security and best practices standards. Whether it be ISO 27001, PCI DSS, ISO 9001, or other regulatory standards, SRM's experts can advise on how to achieve and maintain compliance.

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Our experts, drawn from the private sector, police service, and government agencies, offer you an exceptional skill-set and depth of experience, all delivered with a first class level of service

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SRM Blog

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    There may be some alarm in the world of PCI QSA Companies with the news that Trustwave Inc. (arguably the largest QSA company in the world and sponsor of many o…