Dedicated to helping you stay safe in the information environment.

With a wide range of knowledge and practical experience, our consultants are ready to help you understand the risks to your information and manage them effectively.

  • PCI DSS Compliance

    PCI DSS Compliance

    As an accredited QSA Company, our team of QSA’s can conduct your PCI assessment to validate and maintain your compliance with the PCI DSS.

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  • PCI Forensic Investigation (PFI)

    PCI Forensic Investigation (PFI)

    A failure to comply with the PCI DSS may lead to a compromise situation with cardholder data being inadvertently or intentionally placed in unauthorised hands and potentially subject to fraud.

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  • Penetration Testing

    Penetration Testing

    Penetration testing identifies potential weaknesses in a technical infrastructure and provides a level of assurance in the security of that infrastructure.

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  • Information Security

    Information Security

    SRM can offer a range of solutions specifically designed to help implement and improve how you manage and protect your Information assets.

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  • Digital Forensic Investigation

    Digital Forensic Investigation

    SRM’s dedicated computer forensics division provides expert digital forensic investigation services and unimpeachable expert witness testimony.

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  • Cyber Essentials

    Cyber Essentials

    Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber attacks.

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  • eDiscovery / eDisclosure

    eDiscovery / eDisclosure

    SRM can also provide assistance with preserving, collecting and processing ESI in response to an eDiscovery request.

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  • Business Continuity

    Business Continuity

    All organisations have a duty to ensure that we can recover and sustain our key business activities at an acceptable level.

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Our experts, drawn from the private sector, police service, and government agencies, offer you an exceptional skill-set and depth of experience, all delivered with a first class level of service


    Dedicated to helping you stay safe in
    the information environment.

    Our specialists cover the full scope of the Governance, Risk and Compliance agenda such as information assurance to UK Government, NATO, PCI DSS, N3 and ISO 27001 standards, business continuity, operational risk management and computer and network forensics.

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    Virtual Safety Officer (VE-SO)

    SRM's VE-SO portal will remove the need for schools to appoint an in-house E-Safety Officer as all the functions of this role can be provided by the portal. The portal will allow students, teachers and parents to access key information, ask questions and report instances of abuse, all within a secure password-protected environment.

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    Smart Security, Smart Compliance

    The SRM method of working with a client is to provide the proposed services efficiently, effectively and expediently within a known cost basis, based on clearly defined boundaries. It is an overriding principle that Compliance does not necessarily mean an acceptable level of security has been reached. Reaching an acceptable level of security should always mean Compliance has been achieved. Smart Consultancy achieves Smart Compliance.

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    Training & Awareness

    People without the proper guidance, education, training and support can do enormous damage to systems, information and reputation – whether they intend to or not. SRM has extensive experience in running a wide range of engagements from stand-alone awareness sessions to multi-channel internal communications campaigns.

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