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eDisclosure Managed Service: a case study
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eDisclosure Managed Service: a case study

Julia Wailes-Fairbairn

Written by Julia Wailes-Fairbairn

26th February 2019

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Case background

SRM was recently involved in an eDisclosure litigation case involving two large companies in the service industry. Engaged by one of the legal teams, the case involved 1.2TB of data. This was a particularly complex case with an exceptionally large volume of sensitive ESI (cases involving hundreds of gigabytes are more typical) so the law firm investigated the purchase of a specialist eDisclosure platform.

Having looked at this in meticulous detail, however, and consulting other law firms and professionals who had been involved with similar cases, they felt the case was too large, too complex and the data too sensitive to be managed by an in-house team without the support of a specialist service.

The client said:

‘We knew we had to hit the ground running with this case and we needed an extremely high level of skill, technical expertise and diligence from the outset. We are legal experts, not eDisclosure experts and our enquiries revealed that eDisclosure platforms are only as good as the people using them. We simply did not have the required level of specialist expertise in house for a case of this importance and scope.’

The challenge

What made this eDiscovery task particularly complex was the format of the data. The client’s usual email server was captured as well as 8 laptop computers and 2 mobile phones.

In addition, the law firm’s concern was the information security risk surrounding the placing of confidential information on a Cloud or server-based platform. Professionalism and trust were therefore the highest priority. Other considerations were that their client wanted a minimal level of business disruption while the eDisclosure project was underway but costs needed to be contained.

The solution

The legal team engaged SRM’s managed eDisclosure services which provided access to the market-leading technology platform with review and collaboration tools, together with the direction and management of a highly experienced forensics team. SRM worked in conjunction with the legal team to advise and execute the eDisclosure requirement for their client. They defined each stage and advised on the ongoing process and progress, giving a full and comprehensive breakdown of costs..

The high volume of data captured could have been processed directly onto the eDisclosure technology platform, however this would have been at great expense to the law firm’s client. To reduce the volume (and subsequent costings), SRM used forensic software to identify irrelevant documents such as system files and other known files commonly found on digital devices. Files such as documents, spread sheets, PDFs and emails were identified and carefully extracted.

The total size of the data went from 1.2 TB to 160 GB which was then uploaded to the eDisclosure platform. Using its cutting-edge features, this was then de-duplicated and threaded, before keyword searches were performed across the data to further reduce the volume.

The client’s feedback:

‘The expertise that SRM showed by using forensic tools to reduce the data volume prior to processing onto the platform made such a difference to what would have been an incredibly time consuming and costly review phase. Having this level of support with the data, throughout the case is ground-breaking.’

SRM’s eDisclosure service – why us?

When such large volumes of sensitive data are made available to a third party, trust is crucial. SRM first began developing its eDisclosure service in 2002 and its team includes experts drawn from law enforcement, government agencies and military with over 60 years’ combined experience. Our team is led by highly experienced Expert Witness Forensic Consultants and includes individuals who have worked with the police, MOD and FTSE100 companies. We are the leading PCI Forensic Investigation company in the UK and cyber security supplier to HM Government.

SRM has delivered thousands of cases supporting law firms, government agencies and commercial organisations in the accurate production of case papers and reports to be tendered in court. Our service is at the cutting edge of eDisclosure technology, saving the clients time and money while achieving best results. We also work effectively and strategically to ensure that disruption to the client’s business is minimal.

SRM provides a range of highly professional cost-effective solutions, suitable for all sizes of law firms. From the provision of a low cost ‘E-Disclosure Lite’ package to the involvement of Expert Witness Forensic Consultants or the use of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer vCISOTM

For more information about SRM’s eDisclosure managed service call Laura Chatton on 03450 21 21 51 or visit our website.




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