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Everything you need to know about CREST penetration testing
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Everything you need to know about CREST penetration testing

Tim Deakin

Written by Tim Deakin

8th September 2020

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crest penetration testing

A thorough CREST penetration test from a provider you can trust is an invaluable asset when it comes to protecting your business’s data.

In the cybersecurity industry, CREST accreditation represents a well-established quality assurance, offering peace of mind and comfort that the services you receive meet the standards you require. But what exactly differentiates CREST accredited services from others that are available? Why is CREST penetration testing considered the crème de la crème?

At SRM, we are often asked by businesses new to the concept of penetration testing about what they should be looking for from a provider and where the value lies in a CREST accreditation.

So, this week we wanted to break it down on the blog and give you a quick reference guide to CREST penetration testing.

What is penetration testing?

Penetrating testing – also referred to as pen testing or ethical hacking – involves the exploration of a business’s security systems by simulating the attacks that might be carried out by a cybercriminal. This is designed to identify and address any security vulnerabilities across all networks, systems and applications within an organisation.

Pen testing can take many different forms, and can cover many areas. However, not all companies that offer this service operate to the same standard, so it’s important to do your research before allowing an outside source to access assets and data belonging to your company.

The importance of CREST

CREST is the Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers. It is an international not-for-profit certification and accreditation body which supports and represents IT security.

As a respected industry body, CREST provides internationally recognised accreditation for businesses across all industries. It can also deliver professional level certification for organisations that provide pen testing and other cybersecurity services like incident response and threat intelligence.

In order to achieve CREST accreditation, businesses must undergo a rigorous assessment of data security, business processes and testing methodologies.

What is a CREST certified organisation and why should you choose one?

Every company with CREST certification must submit policies, procedures and processes relating to their services to CREST for assessment. As such, achieving accreditation is an ongoing process, rather than a one-time effort. Member organisations are required to submit annual applications with a full reassessment required every three years.

CREST companies also sign up to a binding company code of conduct, which includes processes for resolving complaints.

For businesses seeking cybersecurity services, choosing a CREST certified organisation ensures that the entire penetration testing process will be carried out to the very highest ethical, legal and technical standards. CREST pen testing follows best practice across all areas, including assignment execution, preparation, scoping, data protection and post technical delivery.

The benefits of CREST penetration testing

There are a number of key advantages to choosing a CREST certified business for your pen testing needs. This includes the assurance of highly trained professionals who have had to pass a series of rigorous exams by CREST in order to prove their skills, knowledge and competence.

These exams must be retaken every three years, and CREST pen testers must also complete between 6,000 and 10,000 hours of regular and frequent professional service.

CREST is a globally recognised accreditation which is constantly being updated to reflect the highest quality security standards. By choosing CREST pen testers, you are providing total peace of mind for both your business and your clients.

Here at SRM, our CREST certified penetration testers are highly skilled and experienced in cybersecurity. Our techniques can exploit vulnerabilities and expose weaknesses in your company’s infrastructure, allowing you to act proactively rather than reactively. Get in touch today via our contact form here. Or why not call on 03450 21 21 51 and get your free quote today.


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