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Information Security Breach Report – 03 March 2015

Written by SRM

3rd March 2015

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A round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.


Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

The top software exploit of 2014? The Stuxnet XP flaw from 2010, reckons HP –

PHI Data Breaches Increase 25% in 2014 –

Critical Vulnerability Found in Samba Interoperability Suite –

Parking ticket data breach for tens of thousands –

Hackers Steal Trading Algorithms –

More than 1 Million WordPress websites are vulnerable to blind SQL Injection Attacks –

Lenovo confirms China cyber attack –

Lenovo’s website hijacked (briefly) by High School Musical-loving hackers –

TurboTax not doing enough to guard against ID theft –

Scammers Prescreen Victims for Tech Support Scams via Twitter and Phone –

Seagate Business NAS Flaws Allow Remote Code Execution: Researchers –

Data breach from University of Limerick student village –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

Google Enhances Safe Browsing in Chrome, Search –

Milpitas-based FireEye mans the front line in fight against cyberattacks –

96% say ISO 27001 is important for improving security defences –

Business Services, Retail Saw The Most Online Security Breaches In 2014 –


Business disruption cyber attacks set to spur defence plans, says Gartner –

AETs: The Ultimate Stealth Attack? –

Responsible Disclosure: Cyber Security Ethics –

Facebook launches new suicide prevention tool in the US –

Cyber thugs taking data hostage –

Firefox 36 swats bugs, adds HTTP2 and gets certifiably serious –

MI National Guard to Fight Cyber Attacks ––294111541.html

Companies turn to IT security firms to protect data –

BlackBerry working with Google to secure Android devices –

Who ‘owns’ an investigation into a security breach? –

Fingerprint sensor revealed by Qualcomm at MWC –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

Endpoint Security Makes Quantum Shift: Part 1 –

File Sharing: How to Minimize Risks –

Why Websites Get Hacked –

Hacking the hackers : A cyber resilience approach –

NATO: Defending against the known unknowns –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories

R2K: Spy cables leak a double-edged sword – and

Privacy is at a crossroads. Choose wisely –

Majority of health sites send troves of data about your medical searches to third-party companies –

Google AdSense Sends Publishers Policy Breach Notice Over PII –

Would you trust ‘spyproof’ mobes made in Putin’s Russia? –

Surveillance Software Company Gamma Found To Have Violated Human Rights; Receives Unprecedented Slap On The Wrist –

mpanies should prepare for the EU’s forthcoming Data Protection Regulation –


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