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Information Security Breach Report – 06 February 2015

Written by SRM

6th February 2015

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A round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.


Breaches, Incidents and Alerts: Anthem:

A Mere 8 Days After Breach, Anthem Healthcare Notifies Customers –

The Morning Download: Anthem Attack Raises Questions About IT Architecture, Cyber Expert Says –

Why even strong crypto wouldn’t protect SSNs exposed in Anthem breach –

State-sponsored Chinese hackers reportedly suspected in Anthem breach –

Update: Top 5 Health Data Breaches –

Hackers See Rewarding Targets in Health Care Companies –

Anthem data breach could be ‘lifelong battle’ for customers –

Anthem Cyber Hack: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

Anthem Hacking Points to Security Vulnerability of Health Care Industry –


Breaches, Incidents and Alerts: The rest:

Portsmouth gangster jailed over £1.6m cyber attack –

Lincolnshire mobile phone users targeted in £200 mobile phone “porn” con –

Still using Adobe Flash? Oh well, get updating: 15 hijack flaws patched –

Ad Bidding Network Abused for Ransomware Delivery in “Fessleak” Attacks –

Sony Exec Steps Down After Breach –

Prolific espionage group returns with iOS spyware –

ID theft ring allegedly stole $700,000 in Apple gift cards –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

Why we should worry about domestic drones and how to bring them down –

London behind surge in use of contactless cards –

Snowden leaks LEGALISED GCHQ’s ‘illegal’ dragnet spying, rules British tribunal –

Start stockpiling tinned beans and ammo: This malware will end civilisation –

Cyber security for a hyper-connected world –

Swap your keyless key for keyless key-less key. You’ll need: a Tesla S and Apple Watch –

CEOs Are In The Dark About How Their Firms Use Data –

The World’s Email Encryption Software Relies On One Guy, Who Is Going Broke –

High-Powered Electromagnetics Cyber Electronic Cyber Warfare Applications –

Inside nullcon Security Event –

New High-Tech Farm Equipment Is a Nightmare for Farmers –

SEC Examines Response From Financial Advisory, Brokerage Firms to Cyber Threats –

Be prepared: Cyber threats ignore all borders –

Most Brokerages and Advisory Firms Targeted by Cybercriminals –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

Honored in the Breach: Employer Action Items for an Insurer Data Breach –

Why a dumb security video will help you work smarter, not harder –

Black box attack, hacking an ATM with Raspberry Pi –

5 ways your business is at risk from a cyber-security attack –

NIST Framework: Is It a Success? –

Exploit Kit Evolution – Neutrino –

InfoSec Challenge: When To Be Quiet, When To Go Public –

TLS/SSL Scanning Enhancements in Nexpose 5.12 –

Closing the Privacy Gap in the OWASP IoT Top Ten –

Most Infamous Hacks of the 21 Century –

Disconnected Security Increases Risk –

You can now send ‘screenshot-proof’ documents and photos with Confide, the ‘Snapchat for business’ –

The Industrialization of Hacking: Part 2 – The Cybersecurity Arms Race –

Why small firms struggle with cyber security –

How to procure email encryption software –

Time to reprioritise security awareness efforts –

How to keep track of all your passwords –

Retail Needs to Take a Lesson From…Retail –

Weekly Metasploit Wrapup: On Insecure Updates –

The Privilege Escalation Cycle and Its Role in Russia’s Anunak Cyber Attack –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories

Google panel backs limit to ‘right to be forgotten’ –

‘Privacy is DAMAGING to PROGRESS’ says Irish big data whitepaper –

The guy standing between Facebook and its next privacy disaster –

EFF Launches Awards Program For Most Outrageous Failures In FOIA Responses –

Mass Surveillance: An Odd Justification –


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