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Information Security Breach Report – 06 March 2015

Written by SRM

6th March 2015

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A round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.


Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

University of Limerick Hit With Data Breach –

Stop the presses: HTTPS-crippling “FREAK” bug affects Windows after all –

Fare dodger who forged his own fake first class train tickets at home using a computer is ordered to pay back £17,000 – or go to prison for a year –

Lawsky Warns Pioneer Savings Bank Customers of Breach –

Try WhatsApp Calling; a new social engineering scam propagated on WhatsApp –

Death threat issued in bogus tech support call –

Data breach investigation –

Attackers clone malware-laden copies of popular apps –

Chip Equipment Firm ASML Suffers Data Breach –

GAO Sees FAA Air Traffic System at Risk –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

Why Online Attacks By Nations Are Problematic: Enemies Can Learn From Your Digital Weapons, Then Turn Improved Versions Against You –

Adobe invites help hunting vulnerabilities in its online services –

The Failed Attempt to Destroy GPS –

BSides Austin & #SXSW2015: The Internet of Things, Privacy & What’s Next in InfoSec –

Mozilla to Introduce New Certificate Revocation Feature in Firefox 37 –

OpenDNS Uses Natural Language Processing to Detect APTs –

How Unsafe Was Hillary Clinton’s Secret Staff Email System? –

Emerging cyberthreats exploit battle between compliance and security –

38,000 cyber fraud cases reported in four years: Government –

When Fraud and Security Converge –

Don’t delegate cyber risk management responsibility –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

Banking cyber thieves may be too slick for their own good –

The man who posted himself to Australia –

5 steps to incorporate threat intelligence into your security awareness program –

Protect Your Practice Data Against a Breach –

Principles of effective cyber security risk management –

Why You Should Not Use The New Smartphone Fingerprint Readers –

A Company’s Data Breach Obligations: The Anthem Example –

Top 3 Takeaways from the “Planning for Failure: How to Succeed at Detecting Intruders on your Network” Webcast –


What damage does social engineering really cause anyway? –

Bit9 CEO on Data Breach Defense –

DARPA is working on Cognitive Fingerprints authentication process to validate the user identity through the use of software based biometrics. –

Data Security Is A ‘Lifecycle’ Commitment –

IT Pros More Concerned About Employees Than Hackers: Survey –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories:

The Singapore-based company AdNear is using a fleet of commercial drones to determine users’ location and deliver hyper-targeted ads. –


Safeguarding Children and School E-Safety stories:

Burnbook App Under Fire for Allegedly Exposing Kids to Cyberbullying –

Applause for Children’s e-Safety Commissioner plan –

Teenage victim warns others after internet grooming –

Facebook is a ‘major location for online child sexual grooming’, head of child protection agency says –

Facebook allows teenagers to share status updates with the world –

Oxfordshire grooming victims may have totalled 373 children –

Block The Web Monsters – West Yorkshire Police Cyber Crime Week –

Facebook groomer Jason Storm tried to get 14-year-old to send him explicit pictures –


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