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Information Security Breach Report – 09 February 2015

Written by SRM

17th February 2015

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A round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.


Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

DDoS malware for Linux systems comes with sophisticated custom-built rootkit –

New phishing scam preys on fear of child sexual predators –

55th Largest Private Company In America Sent Millions To China Because An Email Told Them To –

Bootle man admits to cyber attacks on more than 300 websites –

Free Tax Software Is Bad –

New Web flaw enables powerful social engineering attacks –

E-Mail Phishing Scam Related to Anthem Data Breach –

Southwest Ohio county hit by cyber scammers –

HSBC leak shows 3100 secret Turkish bank accounts –

#SwissLeaks: Irish people who made settlements with Revenue feature in leaked secret files –

Australian Tax Office probes high-profile Australians’ Swiss bank accounts after account data leak –

Capita has been responsible for a breach of NHS employees’ personal data in Liverpool –

Viewers duped by TV game shows –

Popular CS:GO website HLTV reports security breach –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

Make sure your company isn’t the next Anthem –

ACMC stresses importance of cyber innovation –

Why sheep could be fitted with WiFi sensors –

UK government asks: How’s our hacking? –

How much is a retro-computer worth? –

11 percent of mobile banking apps includes harmful code –

Cyber Security in 2015 –

Is Your Middle-Market Company Under Cyber Attack? –

GCHQ created ‘Lovely Horse’ to keep track of top hackers’ and security specialists’ blogs and tweets –

Here’s why the cyber insurance industry is worth £55.6 billion –

Our Favourite Scammers –

SEC Examines Response From Financial Advisory, Brokerage Firms to Cyber Threats –

Cybercriminals ‘often start out with minor thefts in online games’ –

Robert E. Stroud: Concerted action will help thwart cyber attacks –

Computer hacking evolves from malicious to heroic –

Cybersecurity is a C-Level Activity –

At the third beep, the Atomic Clock will be 60 … imprecisely –

There’s a weird problem with the new Raspberry Pi computer –

How a dozen ministers who tried to smuggle mobiles into Cabinet were caught when GCHQ went to brief them –

Don’t count on antivirus software alone to keep your data safe –

How cyberattacks are turning the industry around –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

Making PGP Key Management Invisible So Johnny Can Encrypt –

10 steps to deter and defeat Cyber Hackers –

Credentials –> Compromises | Rinse and Repeat ––compromises-rinse-and-repeat

Risk Management Lessons from Anthem Hack –


7 Best WordPress Security Plugins –

Hacking pinterest android app –

Cybersecurity Coordinator: Don’t ‘Waste a Crisis’ –

TOP 2015 Cell Phone Spy Software Apps –

The Computer as a Communication Device –

The Computer Science Handbook –

All about Cloud Computing –

An Introduction to Virtual Memory –

Security Breach 101 –

Investigating online dating fraud –

Using Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) over the Internet –

They’ve finally solved it: Schrödinger’s cat is both ALIVE AND DEAD –

VPNs Dissolve National Boundaries Online, for Work and Movie-Watching –

Temporary credit card numbers safeguard cyber-shoppers –

Dissidents and dealers rejoice! Droid app hides your stash in plain sight –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories

Facebook can now stalk you everywhere on the internet –

British Tribunal Rules Mass Internet Surveillance by GCHQ Was Unlawful –

Slurping air passengers’ private details not great for privacy, concede EU data bods –

Canary Watch Site Launches to Track Warrant Canaries –

7 Things To Love About reddit’s First Transparency Report –

Samsung SmartTV models transmit voice, and more, to a third-party service –

Iggy Azalea hits out at Papa John’s Pizza over information leak –



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