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Information Security Breach Report – 10 February 2015

Written by SRM

18th February 2015

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A round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.


Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

Anthem warns US customers of e-mail scam after data breach –

Fraudulent tax returns tied to data breach –

WHAS11 I-Team investigates cyber threat to local power, water supply –

Fessleak malvertising campaign used to serve ransomware –

United website breach let fliers see each others’ private data –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

Meet The Man Who Finds Your Stolen Passwords –

Shy, retiring British spies come out as MEGA HACKERS –

Beyond the breach: cyberattacks force a defence strategy re-think –

Cyber attacks force a defence strategy re-think at major companies –

One Week, Two Hacks And A Whole Bunch Of Cyber Worries –

Met Police staff lose 24 laptops –

Are Smart Homes Cyber-Security smart? –

Report: Cars are vulnerable to wireless hacking –

China week: A miscarriage of justice and a cyber crackdown –

Biometric Tipping Point: USAA Deploys Face, Voice Recognition –

Amateur Cyber-defenders Thwart ‘Attack’ on Major Multinational Corporation –

Here’s Where Europe Has Made Big Changes in Cyber Security –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

Why startups need to worry about hackers — and what you can do to protect your business –

Honored in the Breach: Employer Action Items for an Insurer Data Breach –

Guide to Protection Against a Data Breach –

Why Fraud Is Shifting to Mobile Devices –

DDoS-For-Hire Services Market Leads to Boom in DDoS Attacks: Akamai –

Parse Security in iOS –

Enginursday: InfoSec for Hardware Geeks –

New Chrome extension spots unencrypted tracking –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories

WATCH IT: It’s watching you as you WATCH IT (Your Samsung telly is) –

Spying On Sharing: Canada’s Intelligence Agency Collecting Data And IP Addresses From Free File-Sharing Sites –

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