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Information Security Breach Report – 13 March 2015

Written by SRM

13th March 2015

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A round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.


Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

A new Facebook Worm exploits multiple cloud services –

Achievement Locked: New Crypto-Ransomware Pwns Video Gamers –

VMware activates AirWatch MDM fail removal plan –

Adobe Fixes Critical Flash Player Vulnerabilities –

Google tells world where Apps users live after WHOIS SNAFU –

Forget viruses: Evil USB drive ‘fries laptops with a power surge’ –

Nordea Phishing Campaign Continues –

Dropbox Patches Remotely Exploitable Vulnerability in SDK –

EquationDrug, the hacking platform of the Equation Group APT –

Google Fixes Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities in Android 5.1 Lollipop –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

Hurry shipmates – the black hats have hacked our fire control system –

Apple Watch worries security advocates –

Banking Trojans decline, but financial malware threat persists –

Obama Administration Proposes Giving Courts More Power to Issue Botnet Injunctions –

Is your heartbeat the key to secure banking? –

Verizon: Breaches Under-Reported Globally –

IT Security Pros Feeling the Pressure to Protect Their Environments –


UK call centre linked to ‘millions’ of nuisance robo-calls raided by ICO –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

8 steps successful security leaders follow to drive improvement –

‘Get your privacy policy down to one page’: AVG CEO throws glove down –

Know What Hackers Know: HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 –

Short URL Security for Mobile Devices –

Rooting the Transcend WiFi SD card –

Inside the largest ever UK cyber-terror simulation –

Why Medical Data Is Vulnerable — And Valuable — To Cybercriminal –

Why CISOs Need a Security Manifesto –

Introducing dnsdist: DNS, abuse- and DoS-aware query distribution for optimal performance –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories:

‘It should be named Eavesdropping Barbie’: Privacy campaigners call for Mattel to scrap its new Wi-Fi-enabled doll which can record conversations with children –

Report Says UK Citizens Must Give Up Right To Privacy Because ‘Terrorism’, Reveals Huge Secret Government Databases –

Ecuador Requires Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Dance Halls And Massage Parlours To Store CCTV Footage Of Their Public Areas For Six Months –

UK’s online spying habits are legal but require overhaul, says government –

Security: How to Get Management Buy-In –

Hey Siri, How Come Strangers Are Listening To My Private Messages? –


Safeguarding Children and School E-Safety stories:

After Schilling cyber-bullying, local expert offers advice for parents –

Teacher Accused Of Using Social Media To Cyberbully A Student –

Work harder to stop online child abuse, MEPs tell EU states –

Privacy Pitfalls as Education Apps Spread Haphazardly –

Children’s e-Safety laws target social media and cyber bullying –

Pupils’ details sent out in school error –

Police swoop on north London school after ‘threat to kill pupils’ posted on online forum –

Barnsley sex abuser jailed after grooming girl from aged 12 –


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