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Information Security Breach Report – 17 February 2015

Written by SRM

18th February 2015

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A round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.

Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

16 million mobile devices hit by malware in 2014: Alcatel-Lucent –

Lincolnshire scammers using police logo in mobile con –

While Obama talks cyber security, his hotel’s computer system fails –

Over 100 banks in 30 countries hit by sophisticated cyber-attack –

Crooks steal money from Standard Chartered Accounts by hacking ATMs –

Security breach affects SSC employees –

Personal weather stations can expose your Wi-Fi network –

Lack of CSPRNG Threatens WordPress Sites –

Discovered 40000 vulnerable MongoDB databases on the Internet –

Google Play, Browser Flaws Expose Android Devices to Remote Code Execution –

Newsweek Twitter hack is a sign of the times –

15-year-old bug allows malicious code execution in all versions of Windows –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

Cybersecurity goes way beyond passwords –

Security Concerns After Zero-Day Attacks in Adobe Flash –

Beware of Phishing mails; you could be the next hack victim –

Cyber security will shape the Internet of Things –

Employees vulnerable to cyber crime –

FIA claims arrest of two of FBI’s 10 most-wanted cyber criminals –

SRM launch the North East Cyber Security Business Cluster –

When is a password leak not a password leak? –

Google cuts Microsoft and pals some slack in zero-day vuln crusade – an extra 14 days tops –

Banks, Gov’t Struggle to Contain Growing Cyber Threat –

Phishing for clickers –

Twitter sends employees fake spam to see if they’ll fall for it –

‘Zero days’ last up to six months for some malware –

HP Promises Half a Million Dollars in Prizes for Pwn2Own 2015 –

Google’s Vint Cerf warns of ‘digital Dark Age’ –

Breach Level Index Finds Data Breaches Increased 49 Percent –

Ukrainian government to counter cyber-attacks –

Millions Of Users Unaware That Facebook Is On The Internet — Or Think It *Is* The Internet –


Report: Chinese groups behind most state-sponsored attacks in 2014 –

Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet –

Now, I can see wifi signals. –

Cyber Attacks Through Power and Cooling Systems –

How secret Swiss banking works –

Hacker Hour: The Hackers Guide To Social Engineering –

UK Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Introduction to Social Engineering –

Phishing attacks increasingly target financial data –

The limits of prevention-centric security programs –

Preparing for a Data Breach – What to Know About Breach Notification –

Phishing: Learning from Recent Breaches –

How to Defend Your Business Against Social Engineering Scams –

‘CIO of Year’ on Defending Against Hackers –

PoS Malware Kits Rose in Underground in 2014: Report –

How To Protect Yourself From Dating App Cyber Threats –

Complexity is the Enemy of Security –

CTO Corner: Creation of CTIIC Demonstrates Heightened Importance of Cyber Security –

Five sneaky ways companies are changing employees’ security behavior –

Connected Home Security Systems Easy to Hack: HP –

How to remotely install malicious apps on Android devices –

Miscellaneous Privacy stories

Legal compliance challenges of Big Data: Seeing the forest for the trees –

Tim Cook: Cyber privacy is a ‘life and death’ issue –

US lawmakers introduce two bills to protect email privacy –

Jeb Bush’s email dump puts constituents’ personal data online –

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