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Information Security Breach Report – 23 February 2015

Written by SRM

23rd February 2015

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A round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.

Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

BIND Security Update Fixes Server Crash Flaw –

Gogo Inflight Internet is Intentionally Issuing Fake SSL Certificates –

CAVIRTEX Finally Stops Operating Due to Recent Security Breach –

Seals With Clubs suffers security breach, shuts down Bitcoin-based online poker room –

White House network almost back after breach –

Data breach at Lone Star Circle of Care affects 8,700 –

Police warn against ‘Microsoft’ scammers –

Privacy Breach at Motor Vehicle Registration –

Android malware fakes phone shutdown to steal data –

Virus posing as ‘The Interview’ movie link hits cyberspace –

“TNT” gang has released a new hardware TDoS tool in the criminal underground –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

Surprise! America Already Has a Manhattan Project for Developing Cyber Attacks –

Turkey Seeks National Plan for Cyber Threats –

Bahrain cracks down on rampant cyber crime cases –

Revelation of Secret Spyware Could Hamper US Espionage Efforts –

Corporate espionage: Well-oiled leak machine at mantralayas –

JPMorgan Goes to War –

Could a North Korean spy be ripping you off online? Impoverished dictatorship uses hackers to steal £1billion a year from the west –

Cyber Threat in Globalized World –

Regaining Consumer Trust Post-Breach Starts at the Point of Sale –

State Department official: The department deals with thousands of cyber attacks every day –

Computer Security in the Real World –

HSBC Whistleblower: Thief or Hero? Debatable … Preventable Data Breach? Absolutely –

Phone fraud becoming more prevelant –

Knowing the Basics of SMB Cyber Security –

Artificial Intelligence May Save Us From New Breed of Cyber Threats –

Windows SSL Interception Gone Wild –

SEC on the prowl for cyber security cases: official –

Does China Really Know How to Wage Cyber War? –

Don’t wait until you’re attacked to take cybersecurity seriously –

What will happen to the Lizard Squad hackers? –

Cyber-security: US government cannot keep hackers out of national networks –

Who Cares Who’s Behind A Data Breach? –


Hidden costs of Sony’s data breach will add up for years, experts say –

Information technology leaders feel ill-equipped to handle escalating cyber threats –

Research Centre Tackles Cybercrime –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

PowerSpy – How to spy on mobile users by monitoring the power supply –

Patching Haste Makes Waste –

How to test your PC for the new “Superfish” security vulnerability –

SecureTV Interviews The Legend BlackHAT Hacker Kevin D. Mitnick –

Ethical Hacking Course – Part 1 –

Ethical Hacking Course – The rest –

Say What? Required contents of notice in data breach notifications –

The real cost of a data breach –

Cyber Criminals Use Patience, Persistence and Patsies to Fleece Banks for Hundreds of Millions –

Data Breach Risks from Spear Phishing –

Hacking the Human OS: A Report on Social Engineering –

Be your own Big Brother: Covert home spy gadgetry –

Top 3 Takeaways from the “Escalate your Efficiency: How to Save Time on Penetration Testing” Webcast –

Google Webfonts, The Spy Inside? –

Top 10 DNS attacks likely to infiltrate your network –

NIST Shows Crystal Pattern Mapping Can Recover Obliterated Serial Numbers in Metals –

Experimenting with Honeypots Using The Modern Honey Network –

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Data Breach Event? New ‘White Paper’ Explores Small Businesses ID Theft and Data Breach Trends –

How Syrian Hackers Nearly Hijacked Wix by Way of Google Apps –

How cybercriminals hack our brains –

Patching Haste Makes Waste –

Understanding the Hacker Mindset –

Forced Perspective: Your Cyberdefense Tactics Appear Bigger Than They Are –

Tracing an Injected iframe –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories

Cyber crime and a mistaken search upend the lives of innocent Kalispell couple –

800,000 people get bad tax info in latest snafu –


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