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Information Security Breach Report – 25 March 2015

Written by SRM

25th March 2015

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A round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.


Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

A Large Number of Hacking Vulnerable Routers Have Been Released to the Public –

Adobe CVE-2011-2461 flaw is exploitable by 4 years although it was fixed –

Study: One-third of top websites vulnerable or hacked –

Kreditech Investigates Insider Breach –

Wind turbine blown away by control system vulnerability –

Cyber criminals target financial professionals involved in deal-making –

Adobe Flash fix FAIL exposes world’s most popular sites –

Hilton member accounts info, trip dates open to plunder –

Smart TVs have become the new target for cyber criminals –

njRAT Infections on the Rise: Security Firms –

DDoS Attackers Distracting Security Teams With Shorter Attacks: Corero Networks –

Twitch accounts were compromised, passwords for all users reset –

Researchers map Drupal attack that bypasses poorly tuned Web Application Firewalls –

More Powerful Ransomware with Increased File-Infection Spotted –

Google warns of unauthorized TLS certificates trusted by almost all OSes [Updated] –

Third US Health Entity Suspected of being Compromised –

Ghost blogging platform affected by multiple vulnerabilities –

Details of more than 1,900 pupils from Henry Park Primary School leaked –

Fake “Incoming Fax Report” emails lead to crypto-ransomware –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

Cyber threat largest risk facing UK businesses: Marsh –

APT & Cyber-Extortion: Who’s at Risk? –

Attackers Target Community Banks –

CEOs have false perception of the extent of their cyber risk insurance cover, new report finds –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

Open source security tool indicates Android app vulnerability spike –

Mainframe Security — Part 3 — Where is all your sensitive data? –

How Kevin Mitnick hacked the audience at CeBIT 2015 –

5 Social Engineering Attacks to Watch Out For –


What horrors lurk in the future: Networks without sysadmins –

Maintaining digital certificate security –

The blackjack vulnerability –

Security for Meetings –

BitWhisper: Stealing Data From Isolated Computers Using Heat Emissions and Built-in Thermal Sensors –

4 Lessons Learned After Winning A Car at Ford’s Hackathon –

What is the True Cost of a Data Breach to an Organization? –

The hidden tricks of powerful persuasion –

BitWhisper: The Heat is on the Air-Gap –

Top 10 things to do when responding to a cyber security incident –

Were Weak Passwords A Problem In Recent Data Breaches? Usernames May Be A Bigger One –

Why aren’t you vulnerability scanning more often? –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories:

Metadata retention is no worse than STALKING: Turnbull –


Safeguarding Children and School E-Safety stories:

Details of more than 1,900 pupils from Henry Park Primary School leaked –

It’s Our Responsibility to Stand Up to Cyber Bullies [VIDEO] –

Schools Weigh Access to Students’ Social-Media Passwords –

75-year-old man jailed after grooming 13-year-old on the internet and having sex with her –

Teachers to be trained to tackle homophobia –

Children’s details lost and sent to wrong place by Derby City Council employees –

Four advantages of an identity behavior-based approach to cybersecurity –


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