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Information Security Breach Report – 27 March 2015

Written by SRM

27th March 2015

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A round up of the most recent reports of information security breaches, infosec and privacy stories from around the world.


Breaches, Incidents and Alerts:

Cisco Fixes DoS Vulnerabilities in IOS Software – hit by cyber attack for third time in three days –

Hackers breach Fairbanks city website –

Amedisys notifies nearly 7,000 individuals of potential breach –

Cisco patches IOS to stop automation exploitation –

One in every three popular website ‘dangerous’: Study –

An SDN vulnerability forced OpenDaylight to focus on security –

Flaw in common hotel router threatens guests’ devices –

As GitHub is hit hard, experts disagree whether DDoS attacks are becoming more or less frequent –

Hackers hijack school Twitter account, post photoshopped image of teacher in his underpants –

Support Dell System Detect tool put PCs at risk –

Slack confirms hackers accessed its central user database in February, introduces two factor authentication –

State agency hacked; governor calls for study, changes –

Brunswick school officials, law enforcement investigate district computer hacking –

Bar Mitzvah attack exploits the Invariance Weakness in RC4 – and

Xtube porn website spreads malware, after being compromised by hackers –

DNV GL: Cyber Attacks on Ships, Offshore Structures Growing Threat –

Asian hackers using Android malware for sex extortion and blackmail –

WebSitePipeline notifying clients of breach –


Miscellaneous Infosec stories:

How a hack on Prince Phillip’s Prestel account led to UK computer law –

Cyber crooks turn to low-tech trickery –

The things end users do that drive security teams crazy –

Data breaches hurt more than e-retailers’ bottom lines –

Fighting U.S. Card Data Fraud Overseas –

The state of open source security –

Zero day, Web browser vulnerabilities spike in 2014 –


Tools, Tips and How it’s done:

Too Many Adverts and Porn pop-ups in your Web Browser? Maybe your Router has been Hijacked –

Vawtrak malware uses steganography to hide update files in favicons –

Security best practices for users is your first line of defense –

Evolving Security in the Face of Cyber Attacks –

True Threat Intelligence Finds What’s Related to You –

Reading the Secunia Vulnerability Review 2015 –

9 security gadgets for mobile devices –

Diagnosing networking issues in the Linux Kernel –

Mathematicians build code to take on toughest cyber attacks –

Risk-Driven Security: The Approach to Keep Pace With Advanced Threats –

The CSO Security Career Survival Guide –

Survey: 75% of firms would take hours or longer to spot breach –

Israeli boffins hack air gap, fire missiles on compromised kit –

Ransomware holds schools hostage: ‘Now give us Bitcoin worth $129k, er, $124k, wait …’ –


Miscellaneous Privacy stories:

Optus rapped for three privacy breaches –

Mandatory data retention passes Australian parliament –


Safeguarding Children and School E-Safety stories:

Why are people so mean to each other online? –

Grooming bans could stop child sex abuse say councils –

Children spend six hours or more a day on screens –

Hackers hijack school Twitter account, post photoshopped image of teacher in his underpants –

Facebook acknowledged Australia’s first children’s e-safety, aims to launch Suicide prevention  Support tools –

Feds Financing System to ‘Automatically Detect’ Cyberbullying –

Manito man pleads guilty to child grooming –

Brunswick school officials, law enforcement investigate district computer hacking –

FKA Twigs hit back at racist cyber bullies –


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