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When choosing a managed eDisclosure service provider, trust and experience are key requirements.

What are the main challenges firms face with eDisclosure?

While some law firms continue to manage their eDisclosure requirement on an ad hoc basis, most are aware that a proactive approach delivers a much better client experience. Having an eDisclosure (sometimes referred to as eDiscovery) service in place within the firm means that the process is already streamlined in line with the requirements of UK law and is also more cost-effective.

There are, however, a number of challenges facing UK law firms when selecting the type of eDisclosure service to offer. Automated platforms are available but require a high level of technical expertise to operate effectively, not least because the skill set required to manage it effectively is difficult to find in-house. Yet, engaging with an experienced eDisclosure service provider opens clients’ confidential data to an outside organisation.

What you need is a trusted partner and not a supplier.

Why SRM?

Our forensic team, established in 2002 is drawn from law enforcement, government agencies and military with over 60 years’ combined experience. The team has delivered thousands of cases supporting law firms, government agencies and commercial organisations in the accurate production of case papers and reports to be tendered in court.

We provide the expertise to manage all elements of the process in partnership with the legal team. This includes case management, all pre-processing, searching and filtering data for relevance, the redaction of files and the reduction of the sheer volume of data.

What are the key benefits of SRM’s managed eDisclosure (eDiscovery) service?

We provide cost-effective access to the market-leading eDisclosure review and collaboration platform. Moreover, our UK-based team, fully conversant with the legal requirements within the UK, has extensive experience in managing eDisclosure services.

The service is entirely scalable. With access to a flexible hosting capacity you can add and remove cases as needed, in a way that addresses your ever-changing eDisclosure challenges, case-by-case. We also have the agility to turn around failing eDisclosure projects to deliver positive outcomes.

In addition, there are a number of financial benefits. Our service costs around 25 percent less than approaching eDisclosure on an ad hoc basis. We can remain cost-effective and viable even within lower threshold eDisclosure requirements. What’s more, detailed reporting means you know the exact cost of each case and can pass this on to your clients.

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