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Cyber Security Managed Services

Cyber Security Managed Services

SRM’s cyber security managed services enables you to develop, enhance and refine the exceptional service you receive at a dramatically reduced cost for your business.

What is the challenge?

Qualified individuals with the level of experience required to take on demanding information security roles are hard to find. These include the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Data Protection Officer (DPO), Information Security Manager (ISM) or Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) roles. If the right individuals can be recruited they benefit from the provision of additional support and resource. For to a number of reasons, including the pressure of the role, the tenure of senior information security professionals is notoriously short. This often leads to periods of disruption while a new incumbent works their way in.

SRM are also entrusted to meet the increasing need to address eDisclosure effectively delivered through our Managed Service, few law firms have the in house capability and resource required to maximise the full potential of eDisclosure tools. Yet outsourcing eDisclosure on an ad hoc basis is expensive and does not enable firms to benefit from an embedded process or from economies of scale.

What solution do Managed Services and Virtual Roles provide?

vCISO and vISM

Managed Services can provide a long term effective solution for these challenges. vCISO and vISM  services can be accessed at any level. Strategic level guidance which resources in-house CISOs and DPOs provides them with valuable additional support. It also gives employers with the reassurance of over-arching continuity if and when these individuals move on.

Others prefer to engage a Managed Service to fulfil these roles in a virtual capacity. There are no recruitment headaches or need for ongoing professional development. Yet the cost of Managed Services or Virtual Roles is significantly lower than the cost of employing an individual on a full-time and permanent basis.


With access to a flexible hosting capacity managed by experienced UK-based consultants, firms can deliver a first class eDisclosure service at a reduced cost. A Managed Service is viable even within lower threshold eDisclosure requirements. What’s more, detailed reporting means you know the exact cost of each case and can pass this on to your clients.

Why use SRM for Managed Service and Virtual Roles?

SRM’s approach is business-focused. We have built our reputation on our pragmatic and collaborative approach. Above all, trust is key: you will never be pressured to utilise services you do not need.

As a client, you will be assigned your own Managed Service team, led by a senior IS consultant who will be your key contact throughout. However, we only do as much or as little as you require. Where there is an in-house resource available, we resource it with senior level of industry expertise to support strategic decision making. Alternatively, we can take on the full role required, co-ordinating and taking responsibility for the complete service.

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