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Managed Security Service (MSS)

To achieve and maintain information security in today’s threat landscape, your organisation needs a clear view of its resilience. The Managed Security Service brings SRM’s respected industry knowledge and combines this with market-leading technology to deliver a truly strategic approach to your defence.

The risk of undetected security vulnerabilities

The vulnerability testing strategies and tools of many businesses can be disjointed. This leads to risks to your data security being incorrectly quantified or even kept out of sight.

Business-critical web applications and internal networks are not evaluated sufficiently for security vulnerabilities. Senior management and stakeholders, therefore, do not have a clear view of information security risks. The result is that they can’t provide support or budget for any required remediation.

How MSS solves the problem

MSS provides a single view of your testing strategy output and results. This helps to provide clarity and synchronization across all levels of your organization.

Your security risk profile will show confirmed vulnerabilities including key risks, asset management and penetration testing results.

Your organization’s real-time risk posture will appear in one digestible view, available via an online dashboard. This can be easily shared as reports.

Managed Security Service MSS

Why SRM?

SRM have created a comprehensive partnership between automated and manual testing. The result is a clear and thorough overview of the customer’s risk posture.

Our reputation is built on trust. We don’t recommend services or tools you do not need. We prefer to use our understanding of your business to set up a targeted plan of action and remediation. This helps to keep you as compliant and secure as possible.

Our test and exercise service provides you with penetration testing as well as the exercise of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans. We also provide supporting services such as red teaming and social engineering. These can help businesses who wish to lead from the front in data security achieve peace of mind.

What is included in the Managed Security Service?

We’ve gathered market intelligence from both SRM and Appcheck. The industry is full of automated tools and companies offering their own web application testing, vulnerability scanners and penetration testing. Despite this, the findings show that there is still a disparity between investment in security monitoring and output.

The managed security service from SRM aims to cover all elements of security testing. The service comprises the following stages:

  • MSS

    A fully tailored approach

    Our analysts will clarify the scope of your requirements to provide a fully tailored approach to your managed security testing. Our team will help you to identify the assets that should be included in your testing strategy.

  • Monitoring and management

    We provide an uninterrupted 24/7 scanning service ensuring all year round coverage. Results can also be imported from other security platforms to provide a holistic view of your organisation’s vulnerabilities.

  • Vulnerability analysis

    We provide an ongoing vulnerability assessment and proactively advise on key threats as they emerge. As the risk landscape develops and changes, your organisation can react accordingly.

  • Tailored Penetration testing

    Our team, accredited with CREST, have a continuous view of the threats to your business. Empowered with this information, they will undertake bespoke manual penetration testing based on your exact requirements.

  • Intelligent Analysis at a glance

    The service provides a dashboard view showing intelligent analysis of all results. The data in this view can be shared in a unique, prioritised remediation strategy report. This approach makes presentations to stakeholders and board members considerably easier.

Find out more about how the Managed Security Service can help your organisation

Find out more about how SRM’s Managed Security Service can help your organisation by contacting us today. We can discuss your current data security position and help you to understand how MSS can help your organisation.

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