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Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability testing comes in a number of forms and often a mixed approach yields the best results. Our expert team delivers an unrivalled bespoke service which is agile and responsive but also cost effective.

What are the challenges?

More than any other, the world of Test and Exercise constantly evolves. This is because ingenious and determined hackers invest vast amounts of time, technical and financial resource in outsmarting target organisations. Standard products will never be able to meet this challenge. What is required is a bespoke synergy of the best automated testing tools together with the highest level of manual penetration testing which exposes the widest range of risks and vulnerabilities, simulating the offensive strategies of a potential hacker.

Equally important, however, is what is done with the information gained from the T & E process. Tests conducted in isolation can leave clients with problems rather than answers. The key is to engage with a specialist consultancy which is able to deliver T & E service but is able to deliver precisely targeted solutions.

Why use SRM for Test and Exercise?

From the management of market-leading automated tests which determine potential vulnerabilities to penetration testing and Red Team engagement we provide the full range of T & E services. Every project is led by your own individually-assigned senior IS consultant. It is also fully bespoke, starting with a scoping schedule which ensures precisely targeted cost-effective delivery which meets the wider legal and regulatory requirements within any given sector.

SRM’s T&E team includes consultants who hold CREST qualification. Their rigorous training includes extensive practical work and getting into the mindset of a potential hacker. We consider these to be the very best qualifications for advanced penetration testing because they enable our teams to be proactive and innovative rather than simply reactive.

We are extremely proud of our high level of client retention. We have an unrivalled reputation for delivering excellent client service and many of our clients have worked with us for over five years.

What's included in SRM's Test and Exercise Service?

We offer a full range of services including vulnerability assessments, manual and automated penetration testing, advanced penetration testing and Red Team engagement. While each can be seen as a service, we do not simply sell them as packages. What we provide is a full scoped client service which helps us work with clients to produce a completely bespoke test and exercise schedule delivering exactly what is required but with no unnecessary add-ons. This ensures that working with us is a rigorous but cost effective solution

What are the additional benefits of SRM’s Test and Exercise Service?

Working with a consultancy with expertise across all areas of information security you are able to draw on the expertise of SRM’s wider team for assistance with a full range of services including Business Continuity Planning, Retained Forensics and PCI Compliance. Our consultants are able to support in the development and delivery of senior-level presentation detailing your security posture to key stakeholders and, in the event of a breach, we can co-ordinate responses and incident investigations within a remedial, preventative strategy.

Penetration Testing

From vulnerability assessments to Red Team engagement, we provide a full range of bespoke services to deliver a robust and cost-effective solution for your Test and Exercise requirements.

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Social Engineering Testing

Phishing, baiting or tailgaiting: the team at SRM can safely and securely build an attack scenario to test how the organisation would respond to a real and malicious attempt of this nature.

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Red Team Engagement

SRM’s CREST qualified consultants combine a rigorous training process with real-world experience so they can think creatively and with the mindset of a genuine hacker. The difference is that they work for you.

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