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eDiscovery / eDisclosure

Management and Disclosure of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

Before an organisation is faced with a request to disclose information, it can pay dividends to ensure that the data they hold is appropriately mapped.

SRM’s experienced eDiscovery Consultants can develop policies, procedures and information systems with the aim of preserving all Electronically Stored Information (ESI) should it be required to be disclosed. SRM can also ensure that an organisation is able to demonstrate that their information systems comply with these policies, especially in relation to retention or destruction of electronically stored information.

Rather than reacting to such requests, SRM’s  proactive eDiscovery approach not only saves time and money, it ensures organisations are aware of the data they hold, and where it is stored.

Failure to respond adequately to information disclosure requests can lead to sanctions being imposed by the courts, as well as the immeasurable costs of reputational damage. The lack of a proactive data mapping exercise also diverts significant resources away from other projects when responding to such requests.

SRM can also provide assistance with preserving, collecting and processing ESI in response to an eDiscovery request.

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