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Information Security Awareness Training

What is it?

Information Security Awareness Training helps build an organisation’s defence against the loss of a valuable corporate asset: its knowledge.

Should the information held on a company’s IT systems be lost or become unavailable, or if its integrity or confidentiality is compromised, the effect on the organisation could be catastrophic.

This is because, with human intervention, information becomes knowledge. On its own, it may not mean a great deal; it is simply data that exists on mediums such as computers, in emails and reports. But the human element converts that information into knowledge and this knowledge is a valuable and tangible commodity.

The key to its protection is with this human element. Because while individuals have the capacity to interpret and manage data and convert it into knowledge, they are also the weakest link in the chain of information security.

Why have Information Security Awareness Training?

It is therefore essential, like any other type of company asset or commodity, that data is secured and protected.  It is also vital that every individual with access to IT systems and company information knows the risks and understands the measures required for its protection. This applies to all levels: from those who handle low level information, right up to those with access to the highest level of clearance to access core data.

Companies have a legal obligation to ensure that information is accurate and used appropriately. They are also required to ensure that the various laws, practices and codes of conduct that exist are adopted to fulfil this legal obligation and ensure a professional and effective service is provided. The wrongful disclosure of information is no longer just a breach of good business practice; it is illegal and the individual responsible may be subject to criminal prosecution.

People are a major asset within an organisation and, when properly trained and aware of information security, they provide the means by which the organisation effectively implements its security. They become an integral part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

What to do next?

SRM provides training courses that enhance the knowledge level of individuals or groups of individuals, providing them with the ability to understand and manage the information they handle. Our courses are aimed at a wide audience to meet the requirements of those with little or no technical knowledge. We make use of analogies, demonstrations and workshops to provide an overview of information security that is easily understood.

Our security awareness courses make staff aware of what is expected of them and provides practical training in implementing a successful security programme.

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