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Are you taking note of the Facebook encryption debate?
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Are you taking note of the Facebook encryption debate?

Mark Nordstrom

Written by Mark Nordstrom

8th October 2019

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Facebook encryption

At first glance you may think the current discussion surrounding Facebook’s new plans won’t have much of a bearing on your business. But here’s why you should consider looking a little deeper.

We can all agree that tech innovation is, by and large, a wonderful thing. After all, our lives have been enhanced through our new-found ability to connect with the world around us. Nevertheless, there is a growing realisation that we as a society don’t really know how to manage, monitor or police the technologies at our disposal.

The recent Facebook encryption debate is a prime example of this, as social media again proves itself to be littered with challenges – both social, political and economic. Whether it’s personal data or political propaganda, Facebook and its fellow networks are rarely far from the limelight these days. And the latest headlines surrounding encryption raises questions that are increasingly difficult to answer with any conviction.

But while matters of national security, law enforcement and privacy are beyond the remit of this particular blog, the ownership and management of risk are not.

Within the microcosm of an organisation, senior managers have a duty to contemplate how they handle the information risks that exist within their business on a daily basis. Whether it’s staff accessing social media or private emails on their office computers or remote workers handling sensitive data off-site, senior personnel simply cannot afford to ignore that their digital estate is being tested and stretched every day.

As SRM CEO, Tom Fairfax, stated in his recent post on Facebook encryption, finding a balance of practical and pragmatic security is a task that organisations should be continually grappling with.

For those businesses unsure where to begin with such an undertaking, looking outwards to an external expert can often be the most effective way to build information security into the culture of a business.

At SRM, our cyber security consultants are perfectly placed to step into the appropriate role within your business. As a Virtual ISM (Information Security Manager) or Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) you can access the expertise of an highly experienced consultant to provide as much or as little input as your organisation requires.

If you’d like to know more about outsourcing your information security requirements, why not explore our cyber security services.

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