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Cyberfest 2019: you don’t have to play the victim
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Cyberfest 2019: you don’t have to play the victim

Andrew Linn

Written by Andrew Linn

10th September 2019

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The second annual Cyberfest is a great opportunity for the North East cyber community to come together, share best practice and generally make some noise about information security. I’m delighted to be presenting alongside some of the leading figures in the cyber sector. Here’s just a sneak peek about what you can expect from the event on 12th September at Newcastle University’s Urban Sciences Building.

As we all know by now, any time spent online comes with a certain level of risk; just as driving your car comes with an unavoidable chance of an accident. Quite simply there are always things going on in the world that lie outside of our control. But for delegates attending this year’s Cyberfest one of the key messages that I’d like people to take away with them is that cyber security does not always have to be an ominous term filled with impending doom.

While it is crucial that professionals in the information security sphere don’t sugar coat the threats that are out there – make no mistake, they are significant – it is also our responsibility to provide constructive support rather than resorting to scaremongering.

Yes, fear is a quick and effective way of grabbing the attention of business professionals. But once that initial shock fades away it is all too easy for organisations to slip back into their default position of ignoring a threat they can’t see. That’s why I’ll be touching on the reasons why prevention is better than a cure for organisations. With just a little bit of foresight, attention to detail and, yes, some assistance from industry experts, it’s possible for businesses of all sizes and sectors to reduce the likelihood of them becoming the next victim in a long line of breaches.

I say “reduce” because as any reputable cyber professional will attest, it’s impossible to negate all risk and an incident response plan should always be close at hand.

While we regularly work with clients who have already suffered a breach at SRM – acting swiftly and providing a professional and efficient response to an incident – we are passionate about promoting the importance of a more proactive approach to cyber security. After all, most organisations understand the significance of getting the right insurance in place to protect staff and customers; so why would they not implement safeguards when it comes to their systems and data?

The theme of this year’s #CyberNorth event on the 12th is “Real Opportunities. Real Solutions.” In keeping with this, I’ll be talking in more detail about what an integrated security strategy looks like and what it takes for an organisation to combat online threats that are evolving and advancing all the time.

If you are able to take some time away from your busy work schedule this week, I would certainly recommend that you come along to Thursday’s #CyberNorth event to participate. I’m particularly looking forward to the panel discussion with some of the other speakers, all of whom come from different backgrounds with differing experiences in the cyber security space. This will be a great opportunity for speakers and delegates to exchange ideas and help to drive standards in our profession.

There’s still time to book a place here.

If your business needs to take cyber security more seriously but you don’t know where to start, please get in touch and we’re always happy to scope out your requirements and provide a no-obligation quote. Contact us.



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