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Grey Monday and the importance of the penetration test
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Grey Monday and the importance of the penetration test


Written by SRM

28th November 2016

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How a correctly-scoped penetration test will future-proof your organisation from real world cyber attacks.

In the aftermath of Black Friday comes Grey Monday. The day of reckoning. Because although shoppers were at their most active on Friday; so were attackers.

If you are confident that your defences held out then you will watch the unravelling news stories with some satisfaction. But you will also be under pressure from stakeholders to ensure that your organisation will continue to protect itself into the future. This cannot be the case if your defences rely on the intelligence provided through automated penetration tests.

Because there is a fatal flaw. Automated penetration tests will only reveal potential vulnerabilities against predictable or automated attacks. They do not allow for the infinite flexibility and agility of a human mind with malicious intent. And in the real world this is your greatest threat.

Simple compliance with industry standards, with or without the use of automated penetration testing technologies, will not provide protection against a motivated and determined human attacker.

So what is the answer? Human intelligence. Even highly automated, well-resourced, and advanced networks employing sophisticated counter-measure technologies are no match. For, although automated scans and technologies are invaluable tools, it is the human mind that can think laterally, that can both analyse and synthesise and can scope a penetration test so that it is truly effective against the human attacker.

That is why we are offering a free vulnerability assessment to establish a true picture of your potential risks and to identify attack vectors within your specific cyber environment. Simply email us.

On completion of your free assessment you will receive a comprehensive report; the test results will be explained to you by an experienced Information Security consultant. This will provide you with the information required to scope a penetration test which is truly effective.

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