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How ISO 27001 can bring new opportunities to a business
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How ISO 27001 can bring new opportunities to a business

Melanie Taylor

Written by Melanie Taylor

7th November 2019

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ISO 27001

ISO 27001 certification brings considerable value to a business, in a number of ways. Not only does it provide an excellent framework for good information security practice, it also demonstrates to customers, third parties and stakeholders that you take the safeguarding of their information seriously. In fact, some organisations have made it a requirement when tendering for new contracts.

In my experience, a business’s main objective is to be good at what they do, and this is where most of the effort is placed. Unfortunately, the reputation and financial viability of a business can be ruined in the event of a breach in information security. When a breach does happen, it can be hard to identify the cause, especially if there are gaps in the security landscape. There are, of course, other implications of a breach. For example, a competitor gaining access to marketing strategies or blueprints for new products.

So, how does ISO 27001 compliance help to build information security resilience and why is it worth an investment in time and budget?


The benefits ISO 27001 brings to data security

Aligning information security with the ISO27001 framework ensures that risks are addressed based on criticality. This means that the highest risks are addressed first and any unnecessary costs associated with low risks are reduced or disappear altogether. Another benefit of following the ISO27001 framework, is that it makes it much easier to maintain the Information Security Management System (ISMS) which should be reviewed annually and upon business changes to ensure that it stays relevant.

A requirement of the ISO27001 Standard is to ensure that Business Continuity is in place, which ensures that the business is resilient and can still operate in the event of a major incident while effectively ensuring the continued operation of the business.

Customer confidence

More and more government contracts and third parties are making it a requirement to either be certified to ISO27001 or at the very least be compliant with the standard. This may be checked by regular audits. Having the ISO27001 certification shows information security is not only in place but is at a level that gives confidence to both potential clients and business partners.


How we provide strategic guidance

We have helped many businesses achieve compliance and go on to gain certification. This has been through a variety of approaches which is aligned to the business requirement. SRM’s information security consultants have varied backgrounds and experience which enables us to align the delivery team with the business type and challenges identified, ensuring accurate advice and direction on the subject. We provide as little or as much guidance as an individual business requires.

Maybe you have a team ready to get their hands dirty with implementation and therefore only need a gap analysis and a roadmap. On the other hand, you may not have resources with the time to effectively implement new policies and procedures, and therefore require a more hands-on approach from our consultants. This is often the preferred option as it has the advantage of no scope creep and ensures an accurate gap analysis is conducted.

Ongoing support is available so that regular reviews ensure continued updating of the Information Security Management System. Our team is also able to provide professional support in other areas like PCI DSS compliance and adherence to GDPR as well as a full range of professional cyber security services, including a full Managed Security Service (MSS). No matter the level of support you need we can help. We can also guarantee that the approach will be carefully aligned to your business so that you get the best possible outcome.

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