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Putting 2019 into sharp focus – the benefits a fresh set of eyes brings to information security
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Putting 2019 into sharp focus – the benefits a fresh set of eyes brings to information security

Julia Wailes-Fairbairn

Written by Julia Wailes-Fairbairn

19th February 2019

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For many, 2019 started off in a state of partial blindness. GDPR took up so much attention that some of the other aspects of their organisation’s information security has been left in the shadows. This is totally understandable. GDPR was the headline news and the torch beam of in-house focus was fixed upon it for the first 5 months of 2018, if not longer.

Yet there are many other aspects of a holistic information security strategy which need to be drawn into the light and there is only so much you can do with a bigger torch. It’s time to let in the sun and take a good long look at the whole view. So, how can you deal with the elements you can’t necessarily see for yourself? Perhaps it’s time to engage some fresh eyes to help.

In Game of Thrones the Three-Eyed Raven sees everything. Not just the personal view of events through the eyes of each individual but the whole picture: past, present and future; from every perspective. This is the benefit a highly trained and experienced Information Security consultancy can bring. We know from our experience that the highest value we can offer centres around plugging the gaps in resource or in time. Whether that is because a member of the team has unexpectedly left, or if it’s due to other aspects of your strategy taking priority. By having a trusted partner, you can be safe in the knowledge that nothing will slip through the cracks while you’re focusing on the most pressing matters.

A well-rounded consultancy has experience not just of your organisation, but of a range of businesses in various sectors, of various sizes at all stages of maturity and across the whole information security spectrum. They know and understand the complete cyber threat landscape and can provide additional resource alongside in-house teams; or they can take on the full role virtually, to provide the board-level strategic direction and practical support to ensure that nothing is left untended in the shadows.

If you take a look at SRM’s website you will see a wide range of services which cover all aspects of the information security landscape. But which do you need? How do they all link together? How do you develop a holistic information security strategy which overlooks nothing?

At SRM we are in the business of demystifying cyber security. We don’t try to blind you with options you do not need. We bring the benefits of a bird’s eye view, focusing on delivering an over-arching strategic plan which will provide you with a clear path to cyber resilience.

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