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Up to £1,500 available to Scottish SMEs to develop Cyber Resilience
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Up to £1,500 available to Scottish SMEs to develop Cyber Resilience


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25th May 2016

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Businesses in Scotland can receive up to £1,500 to help develop their cyber security as part of a Cyber Resilience Programme. The Digital Scotland Business Excellence Partnership (DSBEP) has delivered a number of projects over the years, mainly designed to encourage Digital Participation. Its last project is the Cyber Resilience Programme to help businesses participate in a safe manner.

According to Digital Scotland vulnerability applies to: ‘Any company that relies on computerised systems for payroll, marketing via social media or a website, booking systems, databases of customer details including payment details and/or any Intellectual Property or Patent information that could be of value. Companies can also be targeted as a route in to businesses who they supply goods or services to.

‘A business does not need to be specifically targeted to become a victim; cyber criminals constantly scan websites, systems and/or devices to detect vulnerabilities. Therefore, if you are not taking the appropriate steps, you will flag up as an easy target during this scanning process.’

The first element of the programme is the Cyber Resilience Toolkit which brings together current information for businesses on how to be cyber resilient. Workshops promoting the Toolkit will be run from June 2016 to September 2016.

The second element is the Cyber Resilience Voucher which delivers up to £1,500 to eligible companies to secure the services of an industry expert to help them develop a cyber security strategy together with assistance in the self-assessment required for Cyber Essentials UK Government Standard.

The Cyber Resilience Voucher is available to businesses that are based in Scotland, meet the definition of an SME and are VAT registered. For more information see

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