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SRM Incident Response Workshops

SRM Incident Response Workshops

What to do when you suspect a breach has occurred

If your organisation’s computers and data come under threat, would you know what to do? In this half-day workshop a member of SRM’s expert team will guide you through the different types of incident that you might face and help you to take steps to respond effectively.

Our incident response planning service is designed to provide organisations of all types with a bespoke, high-level plan that can be incorporated into a business’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans.

This CyberFest session is a focused group workshop, giving attendees the opportunity to not only gain business-specific advice from an information security professional but also share experiences and best practice with other attendees – creating a community of interest and knowledge right here in the North East.

What we will cover during the session:

  • Identifying and understanding your business’s key assets and the risk of them being breached or removed,
  • Identifying whether assets are within your control or a third party,
  • Understanding your in-house capabilities and requirement for external expertise/resources,
  • How to assemble an Incident Response Team,
  • Preparing a tailored Incident Response Plan including:
    • Guidelines for who to inform when personal data, card data or customer data is lost,
    • Establishing the severity of a breach and the level of response required,
    • How your Incident Response Plan should fit within your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy.

By the end of this workshop you will not only be better prepared to react to a suspected breach but also able to identify areas for improvement that may help to protect against a cyber attack.


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